Bexa identifies abnormal breast tissue within minutes, without any discomfort or radiation.

BeSure’s convenient, thorough process

A breast exam with BeSure will document even small masses by mapping the firmness (elasticity) of tissues in the breast, which allows us to uncover abnormal masses, including breast cancer.

All breast exams with BeSure include ultrasound of documented masses, which minimizes stressful and unnecessary follow-up appointments.

Frequently asked questions

A: No! The handheld sensor is padded and glides over the surface of the breast using warm ultrasound gel.

A: No—Bexa exams work in conjunction with traditional mammography or as a stand-alone screening tool if you choose not to have an annual mammogram. 

A: Yes. A mammogram is a picture of your breast tissue, and masses can be obscured by dense breast tissue. Bexa uses elastography to feel for even the smallest masses that may be hidden on a mammogram. 

A: Bexa is a screening tool that does not use any radiation which makes it safe for all ages 18 and up.