COVID testing

BeSure specializes in providing quality Covid testing for long-term care facilities and corporations, large scale events and VIP clients.

In-house testing

Providing customized, detailed testing plans for long-term care facilities and large corporations.

  • Seamless integration into existing operations without interrupting production or workflow
  • Compassion-driven care delivered by a team experienced with people at all stages of life
  • Interpersonal, detailed communication between our on-site team and client in all aspects of testing

Large-scale event testing

BeSure Testing has capabilities to test groups as small as 10 people up to groups of 1000+ people.

  • Our highly experienced team of technicians streamline the sampling process
  • All collected specimens are processed on-site at the event, regardless of test type (Antigen or RT-PCR) to ensure a swift turnaround
  • Test results are delivered via email to each individual or relevant parties

Concierge testing

White glove testing service for high level VIPs.

  • We provide a dedicated technician throughout an expedited testing process, to ensure discretion and efficiency
  • Samples are collected in the comfort of their own home or hotel room
  • Test results are delivered quickly and securely via email to each individual

Partner with BeSure Testing

At BeSure we customize our processes for every organization.

To best meet your needs, please tell us about your business and an estimated number of individuals who may require testing.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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