Age & Ethnicity

Breast exams with Bexa are an inexpensive form of early detection that can be brought into every community.

A breast exam for everyone

For too long, breast health has been addressed with a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

BeSure breaks that mold.

  • Women with a family history of breast cancer should have a screening option available to them, regardless of age.
  • Early detection should be a safeguard for all women, regardless of body type, location, or ethnicity.
  • Women now have a valuable screening tool that allows them to prioritize their health without sacrificing financial peace of mind.

Bexa: An exam for all women

Breast exams with Bexa are an inexpensive form of early detection that can be brought into every community. The process is highly adopted by all women, and can be delivered from safe, accessible sites in the community like churches, or from small, simple sites in rural communities.

BeSure has the ability to overcome the challenges that currently leave many women without an acceptable option. Our mission is to bring protection and peace of mind to all women.


of women with breast cancer have no direct family history of the disease


more African American women than white women die from their breast cancer


of women having a breast exam with Bexa will have the exam again, and refer friends and family


of women age 40 or older have dense breasts, increasing their risk factor.

Disparity of Care

“While cancer affects people of all ages, races, ethnicities, and sexes, it does not always affect them equally. Differences in genetics, hormones, environmental exposures, and other factors can lead to differences in risk among different groups of people.”
-CDC website 


Closing the gap

The gaps that exist in healthcare already put many at risk—those gaps should never widen because of someone’s race, ethnicity, or age. 

Early detection of breast cancer is essential in lowering mortality rates. 

BeSure firmly believes this gap will begin to close when women have tools to make informed, empowered medical decisions; Bexa’s technology is the tool that gives us all an opportunity to ends the disparities that exist in breast health.